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Ore process and mining equipment
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Export globla ores processing equipments more than fourty countries

A set production and sales in one of mineral process equipment manufacturer

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Various Of Ores Processing

  • Especialy Process Flow
  • Improve grade
  • Reduce phosphorus and sulfur
  • Beneficiation reagent
  • Mineral Process Methods
  • Floatation
  • Magnetic separaton
  • Gravity concentration

QiBao Company has much experience in ores process, almost common metal ores in our comapny can be processed for crushing, grinding, sreening, washing and the most important processing of beneficiation. The follows are some common ores:

copper ore


We are copper ore process and concentration plant supplier for beneficiation process.

gold ore


Gold ores should firstly be through crushing and grinding process into fine particles.

manganese ore


Manganese is the fourth most used metal in terms of tonnage, it's just behind copper.

nickel ore


Nickel mineral mainly includes nickel oxide ore and copper-nickel sulphide.

silver ore


Silver is can be obtained through the beneficiation process skill.

tin ore


Tin ore powder is a chemical that is obtained by examining cupboards

tungsten ore


Tungsten has a wide variety of commercial, industrial and military applications.

zinc mining


Zinc ore is usually found in association with lead, gold, copper and other metals.

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Crushers For Ore Crushing Process

crushing site

It's most economical line of ore crushing plant in the subject of concern for investors. We provide types of crushers for stone ore crushing process to resize and pulverize ore into small size particles.

Mills For Ore Grinding Process

mill device

Grinding mill works for ores resizing process into powder. It is widely used in ore dressing and indurstrial powder manufacturing. Our mills can reach any fineness requirements.

Hot Ore Process Plant

hot crushing Equipment

hot grinding mill

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