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Hammer impact crusher

hammer impact crusher

Instruction of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is the classical impact crusher in rock crushing, its simple structure and operating principle easy to realize that keeps the core technology and abandon the redundant parts, so it is valuable in application of crushing process.

Small hammer impact crusher is very suitable for small investor’s ore small scale rock crushing process. Simple road paving stones or other constructions’ which needs small aggregate rocks relatively, that's enough with a single or small hammer crusher, and it's very simple operation and flexible.

Hammer impact crusher technical data

Name Model Max feed size (mm) Handling capacity (t/h) Power of motor (kW) Weight (t)
hammer crusher
(hammer mill)
PC400×300 30 5-8 11 1.5
PC600×400 100 10-15 18.5 3
PC800×600 150 20-25 55 7
PC800×1000 280 20-50 110 12
Circuit Type
Hammer Mill
PCH0606 200 18-30 30 17
PCH0808 250 30-50 45 29
PCH1010 300 45-80 90 52

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