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Hydraulic impact crusher

hydraulic impact crusher


Hydraulic impact crusher is the newly type that put into many high technologies applications related to common traditional impact crushers, it adopts hydraulic pressure device to open the machine that makes checking up and fixing become very easy, also reflected in troubleshooting of un-crushed materials. New materials applied in wear parts that helps the machine operates longer and reducing downtime then enhance the efficiency.

Hydraulic impact crusher application

Hydraulic impact crusher most used as secondary crusher tertiary crusher for fine crushing. In some case, this crusher also can be using in primary crushing. The primary hydraulic impact crusher used to process smaller stone chunks like natural cobbles. Except, this crusher like other crushers can be used for crushing all kinks of thick, middle and fine materials, such as pebbles, coal gangue, iron ore, limestone, marble, shale, basalt etc.

The hydraulic impact crusher has good efficiency and wide range of applications in highway construction, water conservancy engineering and architectural gravel manufacture, mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building and materials etc.

Technical data

Two-curtain cavity hydraulic impact crusher

Model Spec. Feeding size (mm) Max. feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall dimension (mm)
PFW 1210II Ф1150×960 1100×1030 400 90-160 90-110 17.0 2400×1870×2550
PFW 1214II Ф1150×1400 1100×1430 500 130-200 132-160 22.0 2400×2310×2550
PFW 1315II Ф1300×1500 1200×1530 600 180-320 160-200 29.0 2700×2570×2800
PFW 1318II Ф1300×1800 1200×1830 700 240-400 200-250 34.0 2700×2870×2800

Three-curtain cavity hydraulic impact crusher:

Model Spec. Feed opening size (mm) Max. feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall dimension (mm)
PFW 1210Ⅲ Ф1150×960 570×990 250 70-120 90-110 15.0 2550×1870×2100
PFW 1214Ⅲ Ф1150×1400 570×1430 250 90-170 132-160 19.0 2550×2310×2100
PFW 1315Ⅲ Ф1300×1500 625×1530 300 180-270 160-200 25.0 2960×2570×2380
PFW 1318Ⅲ Ф1300×1800 625×1830 300 220-300 200-250 30.0 2960×2870×2380

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