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Impact Crusher structure and main parts

Impact crusher main parts details can be found clearly by the follow anatomical structure diagram. These similar crushers have several types, but they have the same working principles, and the main crushing parts are impact plate (hammer board), hammer bar and lining plate.

Vertical impact crusher is different to others because its function to decide the structure is distinct and the working principle is also different, this type crusher is mainly used for stone shaping after primary jaw crusher, cone crusher or other impact crusher processed, it can manufacture high quality aggregate rock for practical application.

The follow three pictures are the mainstream impact crusher anatomical structures:

Hydraulic impact crusher structure diagram

hydraulic impact crusher structure
  1. Rear Frame
  2. Curtain Rod Setting
  3. Curtain
  4. Lining Plate
  5. Front Frame
  6. Rotor
  7. Hammer Bar Locking
  8. Hammer Bar
  9. Main Shaft Bearing House
  10. Hydraulic Cylinder

PF impact crusher main parts

PF impact structure
  1. Rear Case
  2. Impact Plate
  3. Impact Rack
  4. Feed Opening
  5. Liner Plate
  6. Frame
  7. Rotor Support
  8. Big Gea

Verical impact crusher main parts

Vertical impact structure
  1. Falsework
  2. Main Frame Assmebly
  3. Central Rotator Part
  4. Transmission Motor Part
  5. Frame Base Part
  6. Main Shaft Assmebly

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