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Track crusher plant and crawler crushing and screening plant

track crusher plant


Track crusher plant including mandible crushing series, reverse crushing series, taper broken series and screen series etc. We can make flexible matching among primary crushing, secondary crushing and third crushing according to different customer's request, and make optimized combination for each class crushing and screen, we will do our best to satisfy customer's demand.

The track crushing plant is self-developed with fully hydraulic drive and moving by vehicle bottom plate crushing screening instrument which was for meeting demand of market, possess high performance/high reliability/nice shape, have achieved technical level of international same product. High performance crushing series, fully hydraulic drive and crawler type vehicle floor plate, integrative material supply machine/vibration screen/strap machine, vehicle mounted integrative screen strap machine and crushing machine, vehicle mounted integrative motor and control box.widely used in road and bridge construction, city construction, metallurgy and power etc for crushing and screening etc operation.

The crawler crushing and screening plant is a high efficiency crushing equipment, using self driving method, with advanced technology, with complete function. The crushing ratio of the machine is big, optimized design can satisfy the mostly requested technical feature, high production efficiency, finished material with even size.

Track crushing plant is systemized rock and architecture crushing instruments which developed and promoted by our company, greatly expanding rough crushing and fine crushing operation concept field.

track crusher application

Track crusher plant advantages

QiBao heavy industry crusher plant can be chosen by material type and rough crushing/fine crushing system, individual machine can fully function running independently,can also run by neatly combining together as system matching machine. The working method of tracking crusher plant is integrative group method, can crush the material on site, avoiding middle process of moving material out of site and then crushing, highly reduced material transport charge. The configuration of the machine is very flexible, can be modified according to actual situation or can move the machine for particular situation, it's specially fit for architecture waste material crushing.

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