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Vertical Impact Crusher

vertical impact crusher

Instruction to vertical impact crusher

Vertical impact crusher is necessary for manufacturing aggregate. When crushed stones and rocks used in building construction, road and bridge, some other traditional crushers (such as jaw crusher impact, hammer crusher and roller crusher etc) are only have the simple function of crushing process. Although they can screen the fit size by vibrating screening or other auxiliary equipments, they cannot make sure the all the aggregate granule is reasonable and suitable for source of the force and construction structure demand.

Vertical crusher was come out and solves the flat-elongated particles of aggregate manufacturing, it’s greatly improve aggregates applied efficiency and make sure the construction more firm enduring.

Vertical impact crusher is usually using VSI crusher for short, it’s the weapon in aggregate crushing process and sand making production.

Vertical crusher technical data

Model B-7615DR B-8522DR B-9532DR B-1145DR
Throughput Capacity (t/h) Cascade and central feeding 150~280 240~380 350~540 500~640
Central feeding 70~140 120~200 180~280 250~360
Max.Feeding dimension (mm) Soft material <35 <40 <45 <50
Hard material <30 <35 <40 <45
Rotation speed(r/min) 1700~1900 1500~1700 1300~1510 1100~1310
Double motor power (kw) 110~150 180~220 260~320 400~440
Overall dimension (LxWxH)(mm) 4100×2330 ×2300 4140×2500 ×2700 4560×2600 ×2900 5100×2790 ×3320
Weight(t) 8.6 11.8 17.5 27.5
Power 380v,50Hz
Labrication System Double pump motor power 2X0.31kW
Safety Altemative double pump oil supply;machine stops automatically without oil flow or oil pressure.water cooling,motor warm start in winter.
Overall dimension (LxWxH) 820X520X1270
Gasoline tank heating power 2KW

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