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Mineral processing technology and mineral ore dressing technique

mineral process plant

Mineral processing technology mainly contains mining crushing, mineral separation and dressing process. The whole mineral ore production flow is joined up by material storage and conveying task etc. Some concentrators add homogenization in order to keep the properties of crude ore relatively stable; there are also some concentrators roasting and drying roasting mineral ores that in order to adapt to mineral separation process requirements.

Powdered ore

Lump ore mined is an aggregation that includes various minerals. Reducing lumpiness by crushing and disintegrate into a single mineral, then realized mineral separation. Ore comminution process is constituted by four systems: crushing, screening, grinding and classifying. When silt content is much, it should add washedore (ore washing) and screening process.

mineral ore process flow


This is the first program of mineral process, it usually with coarse crushing, middle crushing and fine crushing, finally crushing size is about 8-25mm. Matching screening process between crusher machines. Coarse crushing plant has gyratory crusher, jaw crusher and hammer crusher etc while middle and fineness crushing with short head and standard head cone crusher and impact crusher etc.


Vibratory screen is the most common screening plant, it designed by sieves or metal lines. Bulk and grain minerals screened into two parts.


Crushed mineral materials are crushed and grinded again by ore grinding medias and dissociated minerals from ores. The thinner ore grinded, more mineral complete dissociated. The grinding mills according grinding medias and shapes can be divided into rod mill, ball mill, pebble mill and autogenous tumbling mill. Mineral ore grinding mill is closed-circuit operating with screening equipment and classifier.


Mineral grains separate into different grades base on different drop speeds in water medium or air medium, it not only applied in ore grinding process, but also the prepare working of dense separation. There are several classifier equipments in industry: Spiral Classifier, Hydraulic Cyclone and High Frequency Screen etc.

Ore washing

Washing silt content of raw ore with water in screen, or denude mud by scrubbing and loosing in ore washing machine. Washing ore in order preventing mud blocking the processing equipments and recycling worthy soluble minerals.

Mineral Separation

This is the main job of mineral ore dressing technique, its process method has picking, gravity separation, flotation, electrostatic separation and chemical mineral processing etc. Picking processing has rough picking, extract picking and scavenging.

Concentrate and tailings of dressing plant and some need further processing middle mineral products require further treatment, such as dehydration, tailings processing and backwater.

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