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Stone production line

stone crushing production

Introduction of flotation process

The stone production line used by Shanghai QiBao Industry is mainly constituted with the Vibratory Feeder, Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Vibratory Screening, Conveyor Belt and Concentrated Electronic Control. The designed out put is about 50-500TPH. And it can also be installed with Cone Crusher, dust removals, etc. as per the customers’ specific processing requirements. The Production Line is applicable to the aggregate and sand making operations of stereoplasm limestone, granite, basalt, cobble, slag, and other various materials, as well as to the industries of hydroelectricity, building materials, high ways, city construction, etc.. Machines of different types can be assembled together to satisfy the customer’s particular requirement on crafts.

Characteristics of the flotation production line

Firstly, the stones are preliminarily crushed by the rougher crusher (jaw crusher). The roughly crushed stones are transmitted by the conveyor belt to the fineness crusher (fineness jaw crusher) or the impact crusher for further crushing. The finely crushed stone are put into the vibrating screen to be separated into three kinds of blocks or cobbles. The oversized blocks would be returned into the fineness crusher for re-crushing, and finally various stones meeting the requirement would be produced.

stone crushing process flow

Flotation process flow diagram

The QiBao stone crushing production line equipments are highly automized, with low running cost, high crushing rates, energy-saving ability, large production, little pollution and repair convenience. The machine-made sands produced by such production lines are averagely grained, well shaped and reasonably graded, and can satisfy with the national standard for building sand.

Processing in our company

As to the associated equipment of crushing and screening of stones designed and manufactured by our company, since the crusher machines of different levels are reasonably matched, and precisely cross-distributed, it occupies small space, contributes high investment returns, produces high-quality crushed stones, and causes few stone dusts. The equipment of advanced power control operating system further secures the smoothness, reliability, convenience and high efficiency of the whole process of products putting out.


Num Max. feeding(mm) Capacity(t/h) Main equipment type, specification, quantity
Feeder Coarse Crusher Finenesee crusher Screnning Conveyor belt(m) Motor(kw)
1 340 30 GZD2511(3kw) PE400×600(30kw) PF1007(45kw) 3YZ1236 (15kw) 60-90(20kw) 120
2 340 50 GZD3117(10kw) PE400×600(30kw) PF1007(45kw) 3YZ1545(22kw) 100-130(30kw) 140
3 420 80 GZD3617(10kw) PE500×750(55kw) PF1010(75kw) 3YZ1548(22kw) 130-160(30kw) 200
4 480 100 GZD4321(13kw) PE600×900(75kw) PF1210(130kw) 3YZ1548(22kw) 140-180(40kw) 280
5 560 150 GZD4321(13kw) PE750×1060(90kw) PF1210(130kw) 3YZ1845(22kw) 200-240(50kw) 300
6 630 200 GZD4321(13kw) PE900×1060(110kw) PFB1212(140kw) 3YZ2050(30kw) 200(40kw) 350
7 630 250 GZD5027(17kw) PE900×1060(110kw) PFB1214(180kw) 3YZ2050(30kw) 200(40kw) 400
8 630 300 GZD5027(17kw) PE900×1200(110kw) PFB1214(180kw) 3YZ2160(30kw) 250(50kw) 450
9 700 350 GZD5027(17kw) PE1000×1200(132kw) PFB1315(250kw) 3YZ2160(30kw) 250(50kw) 500
10 700 450 GZD6223(28kw) PE1000×1200(132kw) PFB1214/2(300kw) 3YZ2145/2 (60kw) 350(60kw) 600

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